Saturday, October 18, 2008

E-Day, again!

Voters in Halifax get to vote twice this week in a 7 day period. That's not too shabby. I trekked out again to my local polling station and cast my ballot of municipal councilor and mayor of Halifax. I decided to vote for people who did not support the embarrassment that is the widening of Chebucto road, if you're local you will know what I mean.

I have been shockingly slow at knitting lately. I don't know what has gotten into me, or if I am just really bored by my current projects, but I have been getting almost no knitting done. I am meeting with Ilga tomorrow to do some test knitting though, so I am sure that will get me back in the groove. I think the pattern she is getting me to do is not yet published, so the project will have to be unbloggable for a while.

As I have posted, I bought a large amount of fiber at Pacafiesta. I plan to do sweaters with this fiber and I am trying to pick a good pattern. I really like some of the Chic Knit patterns. especially the Ribby Cardi (although I would do it in one color, I have never liked the baseball shirt look) and Cassidy. I am going to wait until my WPI gauge arrives before I start the spinning though, because I really want to get the right weight if I am spinning for a particular project.

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