Sunday, November 11, 2007

My friend Judie's baby shower is today (it was suppose to be last week but was postponed due to Noel) so I have a sheldon and a baby bolero (from One Skein) all wrapped up and ready to go. The baby bolero is organic cotton and sheldon is made from Shine, so both items are nice and machine washable. She's ready to go in about a month, so I am pretty excited.

Don't they look pretty on their tissue all ready to be wrapped up? I should photograph more items on plain tissue instead of my parkay floors.

So as anyone living in Halifax or Nova Scotia knows, last night was just plain gross. It snowed and not the nice pretty fluffy lets go play in it type of snow either. Not to be detered we trekked our way down to the Oasis for wing night and beer. I was very grateful for my red felted cloche as I think it is the world's warmest hat. It is a good time of year to be a knitter :)


Steph said...

I started a hat for myself yesterday because:

a. with the snow falling it seemed like the right time to knit a hat.

2. I haven't knit a hat for myself in a couple years.
(I KNOW! Isn't that a horror?)

Maggie said...

A couple of years!! That is tragic, you need to stop being so generous, stat.

Melissa said...

So I was browsing through Sunrise Mercantile the past few weekends as I travel past between Freddy and Toney River...and my eyes were drawn to a hat and mitt set. The hermione pattern I exclaimed! I picked up the very familiar set only to discover the tag did so proclaim it was fabricated by none other than a one Maggie Stanley! haha...