Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I had a productive day today. I managed to mostly finish one of my three major term papers. yay me :) I still had better get crackin though because the other two are due next week. Eep!! People were not joking when they told me Grad School was more work than undergrad.

I have managed to get some knitting done though :) I finished 1 sock of my pair of embossed leaves and I am on to the second. It's odd, I had a bit of first sock syndrome this pair, and so far I am finding the second sock much more pleasurable. I think I will keep them for myself, after some internal debate I have decided that I have not made anything for myself in a while, and I deserve a little something.

Anyone else loving this lovely crisp fall weather? I love this time of year, when mittens, hats and scarves are more like fun accessories than things you need to live. I always feel the most inspired to knit during the fall. Unfortunately though I do tend to get a bit of knitters block in the winter...

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Team Knit said...

I love this weather, too. I think knitters mus tlove sweater weather- I know I do! congrats on finishing those papers! - Julie