Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three little Piggies

Baldur (my parent's springer spaniel, came in for a visit today. Wayne had meetings in Halifax so he dropped him off. Lionel and Julie came by and we took him and Oliver to Seaview, the local dog park. I realized something sad today, Baldur is old. He really had no interest whatsoever in the other dogs and was very happy to go back to the car and sleep. Oliver on the other hand could not wait to get off the leash and run with the other pups. We couldn't really let him though with his poor toe still healing.

I have almost finished my barn animal set. I made a mama pig and three piglets. And if I do say so, they are damn cute! I also made a little bag from Last Minute Knitted Gifts to put all the little animals inside. Some little kid is going to have the best christmas ever!

I have a curry simmering on the stove right now that I am pretty pumped about. It's a pork curry with onions, spinach and carrots and squash from my step dad's garden. It is gonna be awesome. Mike and I are going to eat it up and then watch The United States of Confederacy, a fake documentary about what the USA might be like if the south had of won the civil war.

Mike and I went to the Arts, Social Sciences and Sciences Ball last night. It was fun, but I had to wear a dress that I wore to the last semi formal we had, because I only own one nice dress. Well today, I managed to find an awesome Esprit dress (20 bucks marked down from 120!) at a sale downtown. Ah well, I will put it in the closet and patiently wait to be invited to another ball.

I must tottle off now, dinner is almost ready and I have to go kick the cat out of my chair... the fact that a cook book fell on her has not detered her from her favorite sleeping spot.


Mike said...

If there are two things in the world that are meant to go together they're curry and the confederacy.

Carola said...

Hi again. Thanks for locating me to your new blog. The knitted pig set is sooo adorable (the piglets...ahh cute!) where did you get the patterns for the animals? Did you make them up yourself?