Sunday, June 15, 2008


I joined the crowds yesterday and made my way down to the public library with my wool to join in on Knit in Public Day. I brought my camera, but I was so overwhelmed with all the knitters and all the wool and all the fun that I completely forgot to take any pictures. How terrible is that? I saw lots of bloggers with cameras there though so there should be not shortage of pictures up on the web.

I did win a prize though!! I won a beautiful pattern by the lovely and talented Ilga Leja. I promptly made my way down to The Loop and bought some soft and gorgeous baby alpaca to make the pattern. I am going to Maine for a wedding on June 25, I think it will be my travel knitting project.

I also brought my Central Park Hoodie down with me and did some work on it. I havn't knit in worsted weight in a long time, and honestly I had forgot how thick and quick it is to knit up. I finished the back and most of one of the fronts. Although I have taken a break from finishing it to complete a half done pair of frootloops.

I tried very hard to get a half decent picture of my progress on my sweater, but Hobbes was having a major crazy this morning. Every time I tried to lay the wool out he flipped out and lept into it attack it and rolling around it. I finally grabbed him and placed him under my blanket in my bedroom. I managed to snap this picture before he found his way out again.


jkleclerc said...

You will love knitting Ilga's pattern. I haven't done that one personally, but hers are always interesting and well written. And I LOVE the colour of the yarn you bought!

Catie said...

Hobbes sounds hilarious - I take it he is still a handful?