Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I have been doing very little knitting lately. I have essentially finished my second spinner's lace shawl but I cannot cast off until I get some beads for the fringe, so my knitting is sort of on hold. So to compensate for a lack of pictures of knitting I am bribing you with cute animal pictures :)

The weather here today is beautiful... which of course would happen on the days I have to work, seeing as it rained all weekend :( But I am enjoying the weather anyway. I think I will buy some car soap on my way back from pictou and wash the beast when I get home. The beast is my car by the way, not one of the dogs... I do not wash my puppies with car soap.

Isn't this picture pretty? I knit this a long time ago but I was inspired by how well the water displayed the lace. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and is oh so soft and wonderful.

Anyway as wonderful as you people are, it is way too nice outside for me to be in here on a computer... so ciao!

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